We at GRAFFITIARTIST love what we do!

GRAFFITIARTIST has over 18 years of experience itself in creating murals in all types of spaces and for all types of businesses and clients. As Europe's largest artist agency, we match your idea with brilliant artists. We find the ideal street artist for your project: We act in the interest of the artist and the customer - always!

Where you can reach us

Sokelantstraße 5
30165 Hannover

Europe-wide artist placement

With our team and experts in project management, marketing, graffiti and everything that involves urban art, we can mediate from a huge portfolio of over 250 graffiti artists across Europe.

Each street artist specializes in a particular technique or style of composition.

  • So we can always offer you the best service and always know who of us fits your idea best.
  • This way every wish can be realized.
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Let's make it fair

If there are three terms that stand out in our work with clients and artists, they are:

  • Quality
  • Professionality

Let us turn your idea into a project while being fair to both parties.

GRAFFITIARTIST values artistic privacy and also considers the individual requirements of the artist in every placement.

We customize the selection of the street artist to each client’s idea to help create professional and economical graffiti.

From simple graffiti to very elaborate, large-scale or hyper-realistic murals: GRAFFITIARTIST will find the ideal partner for your project!

GRAFFITIARTIST makes your idea fly