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We offer a wide range of possibilities to design various surfaces or objects individually with professional and legal graffiti.


You want more color in your life? You are looking for a real eye-catcher for your company or you want to beautify your home? Maybe you just want to try something new?

We at GRAFFITIARTIST are professional graffiti designers and design your desired graffiti completely according to your wishes and thus completely individual. We offer numerous creative ideas and endless possibilities.

Style and passion merge to create unique culture in the city

The uncomfortable ones wear stocking masks and their equipment fills entire sports bags. Mostly they act at night, their targets are house walls, cars and trains. The entire city is decorated with graffiti. However, graffiti spraying has not been as wicked and criminal as it is in Florian Gaag’s film for a long time. The scene has changed permanently.

Today, graffiti is part of the image of every city and usually embellishes it in a unique way. Graffiti art offers opportunities that have a great artistic expressiveness. The planned design of the city brings values for all citizens. GRAFFITIARTIST with its offer also makes your life more varied and colorful. We will gladly implement your wishes and turn your surfaces, objects and much more into unique works of art. Our sprayers are waiting for your order, to which you give passion and life.

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Graffiti images are as old as mankind itself. They have accompanied our lives, because we have always tried to leave traces on our planet. The first traces can be found in the caves of prehistoric times. In principle, the cave paintings represent graffiti with which our ancestors described their lives. The simple colors lasted for a long time. They show how little is needed to create timeless works of art. Ultimately, these are the history book, the photo album of our distant ancestors. In Egypt, inscriptions scratched on stones, rocks and statues can be found as early as the 3rd millennium BC.

Archaeologists and scientists use graffiti again and again as a basis for research. Important historical events, such as the fall of the city of Pompeii, could be well recreated through them. The images also present many events of life at that time. Street scenes and gladiator fights come to life again in a unique way. No other place documents the everyday life of the city so impressively. Whether the graffiti of the present can also give living testimony to our culture centuries from now?

The success story of graffiti in town and country continues to the present day. The traveling people still use symbols from the 16th century that show certain circumstances. Prison cells, monks’ quarters and churches are full of graffiti evidence, sometimes admittedly only at second glance.

Today, graffiti art makes the gray city colorful and livable. Many an unattractive corner can become an impressive highlight with them, dreary, gray walls develop into colorful highlights. Dark backyards shine and people like to stay there. We at GRAFFITIARTIST specialize in making your everyday life better with our art. We love to put a smile on your face. This will help you cope with life better.

Thanks to our overview maps you can see where we were and can be active for you everywhere in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Graffiti art that is sprayed wildly on private and public surfaces or buildings in the city usually arouses rejection. It usually does not fit into the ensemble and the perpetrators remain anonymous. Criminal charges are filed, which can never be properly clarified. In order to channel such unauthorized urge to act in a sensible way, public institutions, municipalities, companies and private individuals make areas available and have them embellished with beautiful and creative graffiti. Thus vandalism is prevented and a work of art is created. We of GRAFFITIARTIST create it gladly for you. We turn dreary corners into creative eye-catchers.

The Central Association of German House and Property Owners already broke down the costs for the removal of unauthorized graffiti in 2005. At that time, around 500 million euros had to be spent for this purpose. Deutsche Bahn stated that it had spent around 33 million euros on graffiti removal in 2012. Here, it is particularly bad when trains are defaced. There are cancellations, delays. The timetable is changed and customers get annoyed.

Therefore, for some time now, it has proven useful to allow areas to be beautified by graffiti. This saves a lot of costs. Where already graffiti art was attached, usually also no new comes. Permitted and wild artists respect each other, this is an unspoken law in the scene. GRAFFITIARTIST helps you to realize your ideas. Surfaces, objects and buildings become with us an unmistakable work of art. Simply inform yourself on our website about the extensive offers. With pleasure we advise you.

In public discussion, graffiti is usually a controversial topic. Among young people, the images are popular and considered an expression of urban lifestyle. In the past, graffiti were mostly forms of vandalism, not only in the city, and are still considered under this aspect today. However, people’s opinions vary greatly. Some works are prosecuted, others are honored with awards. Here it depends very much on the individual mindset of the viewer. That being said, you can find more and more graffiti artworks that at least make public spaces more interesting. You may have found yourself formally “studying” a mural in the city. Images have the ability to captivate people.

For example, in the London borough of Islington, it was decided that graffiti would no longer be removed. Provided with protective status, regular refreshment is on the agenda. Even the famous actor Brad Pitt is considered an outspoken fan of this British graffiti scene.

In the same way, the graffiti on the East Side Gallery in Berlin has now been recognized as art. These pieces of the Berlin Wall represent a small part of the impressive graffiti evidence that was on the west side of the wall during the Cold War. Today, not only many Berlin city fathers regret having razed the “anti-fascist protective wall” almost without a trace. First, an impressive testimony to German history disappeared, and second, incomparable works of art were destroyed. In general, West Berlin in particular was considered the home of sprayers in the 1970s and 1980s. There was hardly a wall that was not decorated with works of art. The young scene and squatters brought their ideas to fruition. A revolutionary activity, at times the divided Berlin was even considered the graffiti capital of the world.

The new yearning for graffiti is not only evident in the city of Berlin. Also other municipalities look for suggestions and executors for released surfaces. Why not let GRAFFITIARTIST beautify your city. We create individual works of art for you. The environment is guaranteed to be enthusiastic. Maybe the one or other graffiti is then even in the guidebook.

Wild spraying or commercialization

Graffiti in the city are becoming increasingly important as a means of advertising. Young people in particular notice them and react to them, and even the media world benefits extensively from them. Increasingly, companies are using graffiti for advertising campaigns. These include companies such as Red Bull, Smart, Volvo and McDonalds. In German city centers, graffiti campaigns by companies are on the rise. The graffiti are not only found on fire walls or in quiet corners. They are skillfully applied to house walls or representative surfaces. There are even areas where they are changed regularly. In this way, viewers become particularly aware of the images, they take note of the advertising company. Logos and lettering are part of the everyday image. If they are missing, they are missed.

For those who are interested, there are magazines available that describe the graffiti scene, give suggestions and report on the latest news. Graffiti is a topic in video games and is part of the plot of movies. An example would be “Wholetrain” by Florian Gaag.

Sprayers are getting younger

Graffiti spraying is very trendy. Statistically, the artists are getting younger and younger. The modern trend already started in the 1970s, at the beginning of the Hipp Hopp. A New York pizza driver advanced to the undisputed star of the scene. As Taki 183, he marked his territory in the city with thin felt pens. However, he was sent to a mental institution because of it. Pioneers of the field often remain misunderstood.

Many artists began to imitate him. Thicker felt pens came into play. The way to the spray can was no longer far. It came to that. That in New York the carrying of spray cans and spray caps was banned.

At the beginning of the 1980s, graffiti of this kind began to establish itself in many a European city. The 3D representation became more and more important. Even in the territory of the GDR, despite the shortage of materials, the art found more and more followers. It was not able to develop properly here. The GDR authorities had not even banned spraying! In fact, it was considered a recognized form of youth sport.

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