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Nice to know that you have found your way to our store. Here you will be offered a wide range of GRAFFITIARTIST products from different categories.

You are a graffiti artist, street artist, graffiti fan or just on the way to develop your own style? You want to show your creativity openly and always have our cool logo with you?

Our GRAFFITIARTIST online store offers just the right products around the popular art form for all graffiti interested people, professionals or enthusiasts.

Our store offers:

  • All GRAFFITIARTIST products at a glance
  • Authentic and heartily recommended clothing, graffiti merchandise, gadgets and accessories
  • Great gift ideas
  • Lovingly developed and selected products
  • Environmentally friendly collection
  • 24/7 possibility to order.


Our assortment offers you a wide range of clothing decorated with our popular GRAFFITIARTIST logo. Whether it’s t-shirts, hoodies, dresses, tank tops, longsleeves or sweatshirts, we have a wide selection of the most diverse designs for both men and women. Besides clothes, you can also find baseball caps and hats. Pick your style and your favorite color and use our GRAFFITIARTIST clothing privately or even for working on your personal street art.

GRAFFITIARTIST cups and mugs

In our store you will find practical cups, mugs, thermoses, glasses, beer mugs, travel mugs and water bottles. Of course, always with our popular GRAFFITIARTIST logo on it. Easy to use at home or take with you on vacation and enjoy your favorite tea or coffee.

GRAFFITIARTIST Kids and Baby Articles

We also thought about the smallest ones. Here you will find cute and useful things for your baby or child. Bibs, little caps, bodysuits, teddy bears, teenage shirts, tupperware or pencil cases. You don’t have a child yet but are expecting a baby? Then take a look at our pregnancy fashion. Cool GRAFFITIARTIST t-shirts especially for pregnant women are waiting here.


We have also thought of cool gadgets. Buttons, magnets, gift bags, bags, stickers, scarves, caps, cooking aprons, bandanas for kids and even dogs, fanny packs or coasters, here you will find everything your heart desires.


If you want to decorate your home not only with real graffiti, but also with stylish home items, you can help yourself with our wide selection. Different posters with the GRAFFITIARTIST logo in various colors and styles are ideal for a varied wall design. We also offer subtle or eye-catching GRAFFITIARTIST sofa cushions. Choose the one that suits you best.

Also perfect as a gift

You are still looking for a suitable gift for a real graffiti fan? How about a practical mug, a casual hoodie or a chic shopping bag? Our online store offers ideal gifts in the form of fancy graffiti gadgets. Surprise the graffiti fans around you or give yourself a gift!

The EarthPositive Collection by Continental Clothing- GRAFFITIARTIST stands up for climate protection

We are interested in environmental protection! Therefore, we have created a separate collection, the EarthPositive Collection by Continental Clothing. This collection consists of bags and garments for children and adults, which are made exclusively with renewable energy and solar power. This provides a clean alternative to plastic bags and garments and looks great too! Support our idea of the EarthPositive Collection and do something good for yourself and the environment with your purchase.

Our Shop- Available for you around the clock

GRAFFITIARTIST is your graffiti expert around graffiti topics of any kind. Our heart beats for graffiti, you can see that also in our products. Our store is waiting for you with a lot of authenticity and passion. Become part of our community and get your favorite gadget, your GRAFFITIARTIST shirt, a cool bag or much more.

The cool thing? Our online store is available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just pick something, order and hold your favorite product in your hands very soon. Whether it’s a last-minute gift or a gadget for your next vacation, with us you can get everything right to your doorstep. Just put it in your shopping cart, choose shipping and off you go.

For more information about our products, feel free to contact our team of experts at any time. We will help you further, answer questions and are at your disposal with passion and expertise.